Most people think about their dream home as a place that has everything they can dream of including their wants versus their needs. However, most of buyers have a budget limitation.

Thus, Prioritizing becomes the most important task. For example: location versus space, a big yard versus being closer to the Metro, etc. 

The most beautiful home should be the one where you are comfortable financially.

Even the most beautiful bedroom within the most beautiful home is useless if you cannot sleep peacefully in the evening constantly worried about how to pay your mortgage and your bills. 

When having a budget limitation (which is the case of 99% of the buyers), buyers need to think in terms of what they need, NOT in terms of what they want.

Please call me anytime at 301-366-9890 f you want me to help you purchase within your budget. I want you to be financially comfortable in your new home!

Very Sincerely

Nawal Tahri-Joutey

RE/MAX Realty Group