Hello Everyone,

I always advise my sellers to get their house ready before putting it on the market. Not only I pay a professional stager to come and stage the house (to look like a model home), Not only I advise them to do the improvements needed (such as putting new carpet and a fresh coat of paint) but I also advise them to do what is called a "pre-listing inspection".

Pre-listing inspection means inspection by a general inspector of all the house (roof, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, windows, appliances, etc). It also means Termite inspection, Mold and Radon inspection if needed especially when the basement is an in-ground basement. Sometimes, other inspections could be required depending on a case by case.

Today's sellers could have a very attractive house with a lot of interested buyers and could get a full price on your home. However, if the buyers do their own inspection and find out that the house has mold in the basement, the buyers could get scarred and could easily walk out of the contract.

I had the case of this listing in Potomac where the buyers offered full price with no closing costs. However, they found some mold in the basement and because of their only son having Asthma, they decided to walk away. After that finding, the sellers needed to take the house temporarily out of the market to take care of the mold situation. When we put it back on the market, buyers and their agents were asking "Why the previous contract fell through and what happened, etc". We got an offer after 3 weeks of putting the house back on the market But the seller did not get full price. 

Conclusion: by not doing a mold inspection in their basement before listing their home, these sellers lost $10,000 and had to go through a lot of anxiety ". This could have been prevented by doing a full inspection before listing their home and taking care of the mold problem ahead of time.

To all sellers! I recommend inspecting your home before putting it for sale and I recommend sharing the inspection report and all the proofs of repairs with the potential buyers.