Not only real estate agents need to stay on the Top of mortgages rates, market conditions, marketing tips, legal forms, any legal update in the state they are licensed in for their day-to-day dealings with buyers and sellers but they also have education requirement every 2 years in order for them to renew their real estate license. 

Licensees must complete all hours due for each renewal period prior to submitting a reactivation application. 

The Education requirements in Maryland in order to renew a Salesperson Real Estate License (expiring after 10/1/2015, for example, are 15 hours and are as follow:

  • 3.0 legislative, (required)
  • 3.0 MREC Agency-residential, (required)
  • 3.0 Ethics, (required)
  • 1.5 Fair Housing (required classes); (required)
  • 4.5 hours are electives (it means that the real estate agent can choose courses that are not required by the state)

As an additional information, The 3 hours MREC Agency-Residential course provides an analysis of agency creation in real estate transactions, different types of agency representations, the agent’s common law duties, the concept of sub-agency, disclosed dual agency, undisclosed dual agency, remedies for breach of fiduciary duties, obligations to non-principals, the abolition of the caveat emptor law in Maryland, and termination of agency.

The participants’ understanding of the agency relationship in real estate transactions is enhanced by an in-depth consideration of all the relevant regulatory interventions that govern this subject. The course will also discuss the recent development relating to the agency relationship under Maryland law. The course will also discuss the Real Estate Commission’s license renewal policy which commenced after October 1, 2015.

I hope this helped you understand the continuing education requirements for Real estate agents in Maryland.