Do you know that I include "paying for the services of a professional Stager" as part of my listing services? My "stager" is awesome and her name is @Arlene Vlasic!!!!

As a listing agent and based on my 11 years of experience in the real estate business, I can assure you that "Staging" will get you TOP Dollar for your home! Staging cannot work unless the sellers have made sure that their home has been updated and renovated at least to the level of other homes sold for Top Dollar in the same neighborhood, area or zip code. You might need to put a fresh coat of paint. You might need to take off that old dark blue carpet and put a new neutral color carpet. You might need to renovate your kitchen if you haven't done so for many years. You might need to take off that vinyl flooring in the bathrooms and hire a contractor to put a nice tile flooring instead. You might need to take off the outdated non-framed mirrors (that take the whole wall above the vanity sinks) in your bathrooms and replace them with nice & simple framed mirrors from Home Depot or Lowes. By the way, one of the stager's mission is also to help you with the selection of wall & ceiling paint colors, cabinets color, carpet color, flooring style, kitchen style, granite color, etc.